Why Choose Gurkin

What makes us different? Why should you choose Gurkin Construction Group? These are questions you are no doubt asking yourself as you embark on this journey of making your dream, your passion, come to life. We are more than a general contractor we are teammates embarking on this journey with you. We would be a great fit for your project because we have the people, the passion, and the experience to create the space you imagined. We have skilled craftsmen and carpenters on staff that can create almost anything you desire. We welcome challenges and creative musings because we are not just helping to bring your dream to life, we are adding to our body of work as well. We take great pride in what we do, and we have a true passion for creating spaces.


Who we Are


Gurkin Construction Group was founded in 2000 by Jim Gurkin. Jim's son, James Gurkin Jr., took over as President in 2021 after working 15 years as VP of Operations for Gurkin Construction Group, Inc. James is a 3rd generation general contractor with a lifetime of experience beginning his construction career at 14 years old finishing concrete. Gurkin Construction group, Inc. operates based on our personal values of honesty, integrity, and value. We believe in providing exemplary service while keeping an open book financial policy for the client, and exhibiting ethical business practices. Over the years we have acquired several skilled employees who are not only extremely creative, but also easy to work with. We started out as a family company and we still operate under those family values today.